Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book Review: But You Knew That Already by Dougall Fraser

But You Knew That Already by Dougall Fraser
Genre: New Age, Autobiography
Challenge: Mini-Challenge (Something Borrowed)

Dougall Fraser is a modern day medium whose life has been anything but normal. In his book, he discusses exactly how he became a psychic, his family and personal life and everything in between.

I'm very much into books on New Age, Psychic phenomena and things like that. So it was really interesting to read an autobiographical account of this lifestyle that included his rise to fame. In many of the books that I've read, they spend a lot of time discussing methods they used to hone their skills, or even the psychic road blocks they experience. Fraser tells us a very candid and honest account of his life beyond the psychic realm. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments as well! I don't recommend this book if you're looking for steps on becoming more intuitive. But I do recommend this book if you've been curious as to what life is like as a famous medium.

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