Friday, January 14, 2011

Book Challenge: One, Two Theme! by AwesomeSauce Book Club

Yep, I've decided to do ANOTHER READING CHALLENGE! I couldn't resist. This is very cool and it will definitely help me to read new genres! I need to spice it up sometimes ya know?

One, Two, Theme! is a monthly reading challenge hosted by @ AwesomeSauce Book Club. Here is the list of books for each month taken from their site. I will fill in my choices, highlight them & link them to the reviews as the months progress:

Jan.- New Book (to celebrate a new year. must have came out within the last 6 months)
  1. Trapped by Michael Northrop
Feb.- Romance (for Valentines Day)

     2. Deeply Desperately by Heather Webber

March- Fairy Book 

3. The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl (Kinda like fairies...there's magic so um, yes)

April- Childrens Book or Young Adult (International Children's Book Day is April 2)

4. Betsy and Billy by Carolyn Haywood

May- A book with a flower on the cover (April showers bring May Flowers)

5. Violets are Blue by James Patterson

June- A book with Witches or Wizards or someone who does magic (June 12th is Magic Day)

6. A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch by Jill Murphy 

July- Vampire Book (July 22 is Mosquito Day and well they suck blood)

7. Violets are Blue by James Patterson 

Aug.- Friend Pick (friendship day is this month)

8. The Little Bee by Chris Cleave

Sep.-Banned Book (banned book week is in Sep)
Oct.- Horror Book (for Halloween)
Nov.- Fav Author (National Author Day is this month)
Dec.- Werewolf book (snow reminds me of werewolves)

For more info on this challenge click here

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  1. Awesome I'm so glad your joining! Its pretty easy. But fun.


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