Friday, January 7, 2011

Book Challenge: 2011 Once Upon a Time...

2011 Once Upon a Time... is a challenge hosted by Crazy Book Slut!
"This challenge is quite simple..... read the fairy tales you grew up reading but from another view than Disney's version. There are so many great fairy tale books out there, that might take the same story we know but with an added twist.
These books can be Young Adult, Romance, Erotic, e-books, audio books.... your only limited by your own imagination.

* 1-3 books: Born into Royalty
*4-6 books: Princess in Training
*7-9 books: Awaiting Prince Charming
* 10+ books: Queen Bee"

I've decided to join at the Princess in Training level! I have no clue which books I'll read but I will list them here as I go along!

1. Twice Upon a Time: Sleeping Beauty by Wendy Mass

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