Sunday, December 19, 2010

On my wishlist (2)

I put a bunch of books down for my wish-list last week. So I only have one that I can think of at this moment!

At lunch with my friend Joe today, he mentioned this book to me. He knows how much I like New Age books and this one seems like a really fantastic one!

But You Knew That Already by Dougall Fraser

(Blurb via Boomerang Books)
"Crowned "Best Psychic" by the "Dallas Observer", this talented clairvoyant and his hair-raising predictions have been featured on hundreds of national and local television and radio shows. In his entertaining mix of memoir, spirituality, industry expose, and psychic self-help, he'll sort out truth from fiction, hilariously uncovering the psychic trade's slights of hand and mind. Fraser helps readers learn that they, too, have access to a whole range of psychic abilities - and he's just the one to show them the tricks of the trade. Fraser's fresh voice, irreverent humor, and dead-on predictions are destined to turn a whole new audience of would-be skeptics into willing and eager cosmic converts"

I love LOVE books about psychics. Especially ones that seem like they have a fresh perspective on the phenomena.

What's on your wishlist?!

**On My Wishlist is a weekly meme hosted by Book Chick City.

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