Monday, December 13, 2010

Crazy Holiday Blogfest!

Welcome to my book blog newbies! Feel free to comment and add me as a friend! I love to read your comments and follow you back!

So I am going to write a random blog post about holidays and maybe tie it into books somehow. I don't know where this post will end up seeing as how I am the Queen of Random. It will be short, promise!

It's so crazy this year. It's absolutely freezing, way too soon...the Christmas decorations have gone up (seemingly overnight) and I haven't purchased anyone a single gift! More importantly, I haven't had any hot cocoa with marshmallows yet! I mean???

Many of you might not know this about me but I'm an opera singer. And December is a super awesome month for us because we get hired to sing at churches and various performing venues to provide stunning music and wow all of you with our awesomeness. This week I have a few caroling gigs (yeah, we wear a Santa hats and there's at least one person with bells for when we sing Jingle Bells) around the city and am doing a concert at a church. So I'm super excited for all that. Hopefully it will get me in the Christmas Spirit and I'll be able to buy some gifts while drinking hot cocoa!

Thanks for reading xo

PS: I like books.


  1. I'm guessing that 'PS: I love books' is your tie-up to books thing, right?

    Wow you're an opera singer! Way cool! So are you a soprano or alto or something?

  2. Haha, I wrote that like last week so I wouldn't forget. I need to put something book related between these posts so people don't get confused!!

    And yeah! I'm an opera singer and I'm a soprano!!

  3. Hey Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am guilt of purchasing a book for its cover as well. I figure if that draws me in the story probably will too.

  4. Very interesting. I also will purchase a book for the cover. hehe. Thanks for participating. I'm delayed into 'getting into the spirit'. Have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Hi! I've somehow managed to hop over from Meet Me on Monday blog hop. I love books too and am a speed reader. Pity I can't type as fast as I read. :) I have added myself as your newest follower on GFC .
    I'm off to snoop around your blog now. Please drop by and maybe follow me if you fancy a laugh. I'd be delighted to welcome you.
    Friendly wishes
    Carol from – the blog that gives you laughter lines. (Has that put you off?)

  6. Wow. Awesome that you're an opera singer!

    I had fun reading your blogfest post!

  7. Oh wow, that must be really neat. I can't hardly sing at all. Most people in my town do not carol either so it is something I only see in movies. have a great holiday!

  8. I got half my shopping done and then stalled. I'm trying to get motivated again.

    Bitsy Bling Books

  9. Music is a great way to really get into the spirit of the holiday. I hope all your gigs go well. :)

  10. I'm not sure if this is a true tale or a fictional one. I enjoyed it either way. I'm thinking Ave Maria. My heroine is a flutist.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  11. I'm on my way to make me a hot cocoa right now. Your post got me in the mood :)

    Vanessa Morgan & Avalon

  12. Carroling sounds fun, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree.

  13. I'd love to hear you sing -- wish I had that talent!

  14. Hi! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I'm a new follower.

    Have a great one!


  15. Hi,

    Hee hee, fun read, and ends with cocoa. What could be better than that. ;)


  16. HAHA! Hey everyone, going to check out your blogs and comment & follow now!

  17. Wow, an opera singer! I love to sing but haven't been involved with it lately. Too busy with young kids, I wouldn't be able to make it to practice to join the church choir. Maybe someday.


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