Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book Review: Shadow Zone by Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen

Shadow Zone by Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen
St. Martin's Press, 2010
384 pages

The sunken city of Marinth was discovered and there has been a worldwide interest in everything have to do with it. Unfortunately, there is a huge secret hidden in the depths of the ocean surrounding Marinth that in the wrong hands could cause a worldwide disaster. Hannah Bryson is back in this sequel to Fatal Tide.

There were some really amazing parts in this book and some really, really hideous parts. I didn't read the previous novel so I did come in wondering why there was so much info thrown at you in the beginning. And the characters didn't really develop as the book went along. I figured maybe they did all their developing in the previous novel. Unfortunately the previous novel had bad reviews too.

My major problem with it was that it was entirely too unrealistic. Not in a "suspend your disbelief for a suspense novel" kind of way, but in a "these don't seem like real people" kind of way. None of the relationships had any substance and I really need my characters to be real for this kind of read. There were also points where they spent pages and pages having the other characters talk about each other. I don't know, she doesn't normally do that. This was completely not a good representation of the Iris Johansen books that I've grown to know and love. I definitely read the entire book but do no recommend it to anyone who hasn't read her previous work!

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