Saturday, December 4, 2010

Book Review: DreamQuest by Brent Hartinger

DreamQuest by Brent Hartinger
Starscape, 2007
160 pages

Library: Central Branch
Genre: Tween Fiction, Sci-fi...?

Julie is a typical 11 year old girl living a typical life with her two parents. The problem is, she suffers from nightmares that have the same theme: her being pulled in different directions by her arguing parents. They argue so much in real life that they spill into her subconscious. One night, Julie finds herself inside of the studio that produces her dreams. Will she stop the nightmares or be stuck inside living them for the rest of her life?

Okay, was a very short book about 160 pages so I read through it really quickly. I enjoyed the imaginitive picture Hartinger created. All the characters inside Slumberia [The Trull, the Moon People], the names of the places they visited [Count Alucard's Castle being my favorite] but it kind of read like a script for a kiddie movie instead of an illustrative book. It didn't allow for my imagination to create pictures. It also reminded me of something I'd see on the TV show "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" For that reason, I saw it through to the end. Otherwise you can skip this one.

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