Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Blogger Hop 12/17-12/20 & Follow My Blog Friday (3)

Book Blogger Hop
Book blogger hop is hosted by Jen @ Crazy For Books!

"What do you consider the most important in a story: the plot or the characters?"

Wow, this is a really hard question because I can't have a story that is lacking in either department. But I will say that I can read a story if the plot is enthralling and the characters are ho-hum. But if the plot falls flat, it doesn't matter how awesome the characters are for me!

Follow my Book Blog Friday is hosted by Parajunkee!

What did you study in college, or are currently studying and did it lead to your current 9 to 5 or are you doing something totally different?

I majored in music, Classical Voice & Opera to be specific. And since it's an arts sort of career, our 9-5's have to be day jobs that tend to have nothing to do with music while we pursue the larger goal of singing on international stages as well as regionally in America. It would be awesome to have a 9-5 opera job that's for sure! Here's hoping!


  1. Hi thanks for dropping by! So you're really the music girl, that is so cool! It's like you're leading a double life :D

    As for my story telling, yeah I do different voices, which if I do often, I sometimes forget to do my real voice in regular conversations so it does have a down side.

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  2. Good luck with your major, my second passion is music which I had studied music and video business before I became a Stay at Home Mom.

    My Follow Friday/Book Blogger Hop

  3. And about that open letter review, you can do whatever you want haha! I just like to do a little variation with my reviews every now and then, so I won't get bored too much.

  4. Hi,
    Hopping by and following through. Good Luck finding the spotlight!


  5. Good luck with your music. I studied interior design. I still practice it, but writing is my love.
    Great question on teh plot vs. character. I need both, but a great character always wins for me.
    HAve a great weekend!

  6. Wow, very cool. I envy you - my singing abilities are confined to my car, with the doors locked and the windows rolled up.

    Happy Friday!

    Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

  7. Hey, I'm a new follower. And our answers for the book blogger hop are total opposites! lol

  8. I'm totally with plot. :) The most solid answer to this question but it's still on someone's preference. Anyway, read my answer in Clandestine Sanctuary.

    I'm an new follower. Have a great weekend.

  9. Great answer for the book hop! It was such a tough question! Haha it took me forever to decide what to answer and I still went with both! Good luck with your music! I have a friend with the same major and I know she feels the same way.

    Anyways, new follower!

    Happy Friday and Happy Hopping!
    Emma @ girl loves books

  10. I did not go to college, and I am currently retired. I worked for over 15 years in the secretarial division of Emery Air Freight in the 1960s and 1970s. I was a stay-at-home mom for the 1980s and 1990s, and now I am helping my daughter with her business, Tribute Books as the volunteer office manager.

  11. This might be the best Book Blogger Hop question I've seen to date.

    So what's the answer? Plot! Hop over to my blog and let me tell you how a good plot rescued bad characters from bad book oblivion.

    Howard Sherman

  12. I prefer characters over plot. But both are important. Happy Blog Hop.

  13. Happy Friday! I like your answers! Drop by my blog and have a look at my answers!

  14. Happy HOP! First off I'd say both are important to how I enjoy the story but ultimately it's the characters for me. Hope you're enjoying your weekend :)

    HOP by and visit The Bookish Snob

  15. Hopping by from the blog hop.

    Lots of good answers to this week's tough question.

    Stop by my blog to see my answer to this week's question.

    Also check out a design site I found...pretty neat home decorating is in the right side panel on my blog.

    Happy Holidays!!


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