Saturday, November 6, 2010

Book Review: Kiss the Girls by James Patterson

Library: Clinton Hill Branch [BPL]
nre: Suspense thriller

Did I just read two James Patterson books in one week? Yeah, I think I did.

Still reeling from the events in Along Came a Spider, Alex Cross faces another psycho...or two. A maniac is kidnapping young women of extraordinary beauty in the South. It hits close to home because Cross' niece is missing. He immediately delves into the case whether he was invited to do so or not.

I got this book from the Cli
nton Hill Branch because it was the only one that had it. It was also a large print edition, so when I read it on the train, I felt like people thought I was legally blind or reading a large children's book. If they glanced at any of it though, they would have at least known that this book is far from Rated G. What can I say about it? I couldn't put it down! I read it in a matter of days. As a young woman living on my own, I was horrified by it, blown away, intrigued. I imagined what I would do if I were in the impossible situations these women would find themselves in. I was totally lost in it. Please do yourself a favor and freak yourself out with this book!

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  1. This book totally freaked me out too! I love Patterson's Alex Cross books!


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