Saturday, November 20, 2010

Book Review: The Worst Witch at School by Jill Murphy

The Worst Witch &
The Worst Witch Strikes Again
by Jill Murphy
Candlewick Press, 1981

Library: Central Branch (BPL)
Genre: Fantasy, Youth Fiction

In the first two books of the Worst Witch series, we meet Mildred Hubble the imperfect little witch who can't seem to get anything right! In her first year of school at Miss Cackle's academy, Mildred must learn how to ride a broom, train her cat and get various spells and potions under her belt. This book included both stories which had similar story lines: Mildred messes something up, sometimes it's her fault, sometimes it's someone else's fault and she gets very close to expulsion from Miss Cackle's Academy.

After the past couple of weeks I've had watching Donnie Darko, reading the first couple books in the Alex Cross series and other spooky things...I needed something lighthearted to read through. I didn't realize that The Worst Witch was originally a book! I am familiar with the television show from back in the days with Tim Curry singing that amazing "Anything can happen on Halloween" song. I enjoyed reading the differences between the story and the show! There is definitely a much bigger deal made of the Grand Wizard in the film. I don't think it would've worked for the book, so I wasn't disappointed. I enjoyed the subtle humor Murphy uses and how clear the writing is.

It was a very cute and easy read that I would have devoured as a young reader! I wish I got a chance to read this series then!


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