Friday, October 8, 2010

Newbie Blog Hop for new (and not so new) bloggers!

I just started my blog this summer and it's been very fun looking through other blogs to get ideas. I'm grateful for all the blog hops, giveaways, and Goodreads as it has led me to meet many of you!

I'd like to do this holiday blog hop for the end of the year to get some new friends and hopefully get you all some new friends too! It will be like getting presents all month!

Sign up:

You must sign up on the linky list. Otherwise, people won't know to check out your blog! Anyone can sign up, the more the merrier. Those of us who are still new to this whole blogging thing are especially encouraged!

This isn't mandatory but it would be cool if you could:

<a href=""><img src=" " />

Link back to this post or create an entry about this hop,

Grab a button for your sidebar!

Add me as a friend if we aren't friends already on GFC, Goodreads and/or Twitter !

If you're super nice and you DO decide to make a post, answer this question:

Blog question:
What's your favorite feature of online book blogging?

I love various buttons. I make mine with Gimp software since I'm marginally saavy in that area. And I do mean marginally.

Happy blogging!


  1. Hi there, thanks for hosting this. Can't wait to spend sometime going through all the new blogs.

    One of my favorite things about online blogging is my ever growing TBR pile, oh my!!

  2. Hi! This is a nice idea, thank you :)

  3. This is a neat idea. I came across your site via Teaser Tuesday.
    I just started blogging this summer too, although it's more of a writing blog than a book blog. I plan to start reviewing some of the many free ebooks and short stories available online from Indie authors. I guess that's my favourite thing about online blogging, finding new great stuff to read.

  4. Hi! I posted about the hop and put a button in my sidebar, so maybe others will want to join us. Thanks for doing this! It's a great way to meet others.


  5. I just signed up! Is it okay if I create a post for this along with the Follow Friday hop? So I wouldn't have to make different posts for each hop, and that way, more people, from the Follow Friday hop, can join :D

  6. @Margaret & Cynthia: Thank YOU signing up!!

    @Susan: Very cool! I will be checking out your blog soon. It's always cool to get a writer's view on how books are written!

    @Selena: I am absolutely thrilled. I heart you!

    @Nina: Of course you can! I think that's an awesome idea :o)

    Will also go to all your blogs and comment just in case you don't read this haha.

  7. I love this idea! I actually love it so much, I started a similar event on my blog running from December 3rd through December 31st.

    I'd love to swap buttons/links with you so we can share the blog love. Would you like to do that?

    Here's a link to my event Busting the Newbie Blues for you to check out. :)

    You can email me at imagesandwords at optonline dot net if you want to set up an exchange!

  8. Hi, thanks for hosting! I'm really enjoying all the new people and new books I'm meeting, with online blogging!

  9. Great idea, hon. I stared my blog back in the summer as well, and I'm learning new tricks all the time.

    Definitely a new follower, and (hopefully) a new Goodreads friend.

  10. Hi there,

    I am your newest follower!! Love the look of your blog. I look forward to reading more from you in the future. :) Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    Would love if you came by for a visit sometime. Thank you so much.

    The Things We Find Inside

  11. Hey Lazy Girl! Stumbled across your hop and I thought I'd join in on the fun!

    Love what you're doing here. And I think it's wonderful that you're making a place where newbies can get to know each other.

    Looking forward to reading your posts. Stop on by and see me when you have time.

    Happy Hop!

  12. This is a really good idea! I always want to make new friends!
    Happy Holidays!

  13. Thanks for setting up this blog hop! I think your blog is great! very colorful! =)
    join me at my blog ~

  14. I forgot to answer your question in my comment favorite thing about online blogging is meeting new bloggers and seeing all the different kinds of blogs! =)
    Happy Holidays!

  15. thanks so much for doing this! hopefully im not too late :)


  16. Aww..too bad I just found out about this just now. I hope you'll do this again this new year :) I think it's a lovely idea ;)

    Happy New Year!

    Mia @ Girl about Books


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