Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steampunk: The more you know!

I am unnaturally excited that I saw a new sub-genre written today: Steampunk.

Like my Cyberpunk article, I'd like to briefly discuss this new (to me) genre. Firstly, it's related to Cyberpunk. (get it? Cyber as in computers and Steam as in old timey steam propelled gadgets?!) It is a sub-genre of Sci-fi It also became popular in the 80s and early 90s.Some major differences are that they aren't normally as dystopian and that the stories are set during times where steam power was used (like, the 19th century or in Victorian era Britain). In short, the stories feature futuristic inventions as only people from this particular time period would see them.

Back in the 80s, author K W Jeter was looking for a way to describe various novels that had shared a common these: fantasies took place in the 19th century. He came up with Steampunk and his novel Morlock Night is considered the first example of Steampunk. There were of course plenty of novels that fit the description.

I quickly googled this term so I didn't come up with too many examples. There's a lot of talk about objects from Steampunk being made in real life. The Syfy show Warehouse 13 has many items that would be considered Steampunk. A movie title that stuck out which you might be familiar with is The Wild Wild West. I don't know how that's steampunk but I read it on the internet so it must be true!! ;)

**I stumbled across Gaslight romance, Gaslight Fantasy, Weird West while researching this and will write an entry on that soon!**

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