Friday, September 10, 2010

Book Review: Elsewhere by Gabreille Zevin

Library: Grand Army Plaza
Genre: Young Adult

Elsewhere is what the name of the actual place we go when we die in this novel. It's so similar to Earth, there are trees and plants, water and sky, people with homes and jobs. The only difference is that everyone is aging backwards until they are born again.

Liz Hall dies and wakes up on a large cruise ship wondering if she's dreaming. She's only fifteen and she vaguely remembers riding her bike to the mall that morning. Reality hits hard when Liz realizes that she is in fact dead and won't ever turn 16. She'll never get a driver's license, get married, go to prom [not in that order]. What's worse is that she has to live with her grandmother who died before she was born.

I enjoyed the pace of this book. I loved getting to know the entire world of Elsewhere and wish that there were more to read about it. It's not a sequel kind of book, but the world is interesting enough to have quite a few parts written. The way Zevin addresses death and the afterlife is as fresh as it is a real possibility of what it could be like. Definite recommend.

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