Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book Review: The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans

Library: Central Branch
Genre: Realistic Fiction/Christian

James Kier is a tyrannt. He's a wealthy real estate tycoon who is divorcing his terminally ill wife and destroying people's lives in his path. It wasn't until his obituary was printed in the paper prematurely that he realized that his aggressive business agenda was giving him a terrible reputation.

I liked that Evans stemmed this entire novel from an elementary school project [albeit morbid] his teacher gave to his class. Write your own obituary, how would you want to be remembered? Combine that with his love for the Charles Dickens classical"A Christmas Carol" and the Christmas List is born. It is extremely satisfying to see Kier attempt to make changes to his life and the different, extremely realistic outcomes. I loved the story telling. Although it was in 3rd person, there were a lot of strategically placed monologues that moved the story along and explained major rehearsals for other character's character flaws and things. Sorry to be so vague but I would really love it if you guys read it!

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