Monday, August 9, 2010

Library Crawl 2010 Challenge!

I haven't been to the library in a while, but normally, I'm there most of the days in a week. I'm lucky to live by one of the coolest libraries in Brooklyn: the Central branch at Grand Army Plaza .

Being the Frugalista that I am, I can only buy books from the discount section. And, there's not much space left in my little apartment (or should I say, my tiny bedroom) for me to add any more books. Lucky for me, many of these books are available at the library. In addition to saving myself some money, I can increase the traffic in the library and catch up on some serious reading. I've set a goal for 25 books borrowed (and read) from the library. I think this is a great challenge, so feel free to join me! I've added a link for you to grab a button to post on your blog and I listed some rules at the bottom of this post.

Happy Reading,

Rules for the challenge

1. Anyone, blogger or non-blogger, can participate.

2. If you intend on writing a review, please include the name of the library you borrowed from and post a link to their site if possible! (and let me know!)

3. If you don't receive a library fine for having it out, you've reached the BONUS ROUND! Well, just kidding, but try not to spend any of your money on fines : /

Click here for the list of books I've read for the challenge!

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