Sunday, August 22, 2010

Midnight by Sister Souljah

This was one of the suggested books for summer reading at the library. I was excited to read it because it was the prequel to one of the few "urban interest" books that I actually liked as a teenager (The Coldest Winter Ever). I cracked it open and was already offset by the language. This is totally not how a man speaks. It is clearly written by a woman who thinks she has some sort of grasp on the way men think and speak.

Another thing that I just couldn't stand about it was the disgust for Black Americans. There's nothing awesome about Black people living in the 'hood and I'm not at ALL defending that lifestyle, but the character "Midnight" seemed like he didn't notice any other type of Black person. I could barely read through it without skimming. I was about 100 pages in and had to put it down.

I did love when he fell in love with the Japanese girl and his reverence for his mother. I actually fell in love with her myself when he used phrases like "Umma and her exquisiteness". Short of that though, I couldn't make it through and I don't suggest it to anyone to read.

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