Friday, August 13, 2010

Book Review: Run for Your Life by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

A killer is on the loose in a post 9/11 NYC.
He seems to be targeting the elite, hitting unlikely places for crime scenes (Fifth ave, the UES, fancy hotels & restaurants). Detective Michael Bennett is determined to catch this maniac before he strikes again. But the killer (self-dubbed The Teacher) is stealth, attractive and cunning. The polar opposite of a textbook murderous psychopath, The Teacher will only get caught if he decides to. Are these random slayings? Or is something else afoot?

This is the second in the Michael Bennett series and boy is it a page turner! I realized that I should've read the first in the series once I got about halfway through and noticed that there was barely any exposition. But I like jumping right in! There were so many cool things about this book. Especially the affinity the author seems to have toward music. I was especially excited when the murderer was "in such a good mood" that he started whistling through a Mozart aria (from Idomeneo for those of us in the know).

What made me the most happy was the very accurate depicition of New Yorkers and the town itself. From the written dialect, to our love for our superior bagels, to the New York Times headquarters moving it's location seemingly under our noses, to our inevitable traffic jams and the way we tend to keep to ourselves on public transportation. These are all minor details in the novel but major scene setting factors to me. I just cannot stand when an author doesn't take the time to find out which train station comes after another and which streets do not intersect. When I saw the movie Cloverfield, they walked through the tunnel on the 6 train from Spring St. and the next station was 59th and Lex. I just about threw my soda at the movie screen. Geez, you gotta be friggin kiddin' me! Hehe!

Seriously though, without giving you too many details, just like any of these Suspense Novels, you have to suspend some disbelief to fully enjoy it. Detective Bennett adopted and is raising 10 children with the help of his young Irish nanny. Completely unrealistic but this is Fiction for cryin' out loud! Nonetheless, I was very pleased and intend on reading plenty others by Patterson.

Run for Your Life is a high energy, quick paced book that you will not be able to put down.

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