Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Review: Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Practicing the Piano by Peggy Gifford

Library: Clinton Hill Branch (Brooklyn Public Library)
Genre: Youth Fiction

Moxy Maxwell is back. This time, she has a huge piano recital and needs to get glamorous for it. She also needs to practice "Heart & Soul", the duet she's doing with her younger sister Pansy Maxwell. A small detail in the grand scheme of things, I mean, the audience is more concerned with what she's wearing. Right?

So I gave the series another shot. Of course this one is near and dear because it's about performing. And "Heart & Soul" is definitely the first duet I played on piano and I definitely performed this at a recital. I won't read another in the series because I still don't like the short chapters that seem to jerk to a halt entirely to quickly (Youth Fiction or not) and the humor makes me yawn a bit. My issue with these books is that I haven't seen them cast a Dad in a positive light. She portrays them as too concerned about their careers to pay attention to their family. But I'm just being picky.

For those of you still interested, the author is great at showing the Mother's strength (making 150 cupcakes in one day even after coming back from a last minute trip to Africa to help her twin sister who had an little accident), living with step-dads and the support system from siblings when you least expect it.

They should just make it a cartoon.

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  1. I love that you love Youth Fiction! And I'm so excited for you to write a book.


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