Monday, August 2, 2010

Book Review: Messages by Stan Romanek

"My life has become one long Twilight Zone episode..." - Stan Romanek

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been rummaging through my house for books to read. I didn't have to look too much to find this one.

My dad bought this book the other day. He read through some of it but didn't really have the desire to read the rest. He likes books about UFOs but he prefers for them to be a list of facts. This book is written as a sort of Alien Encounter diary. I struggled with this book for a few chapters because of the writing style. It's almost a novel and the subject matter is very intriguing and mysterious. So when he'd throw in lines giving his opinion on the matter and leaving the rest up to you ("I'll leave it to the reader to decide") or when he'd show his absolute bewilderment at a situation, leaving the reader just as confused ("I assumed it was a top-secret military document, but how could I tell? I had never seen one before, and how easy would it be to produce something like that on a computer? most civilians I naturally accept that the military has all these exotic capabilities & covert tactics, but how could I really be sure?")

Get past all that and you've got yourself a pretty interesting read here. I personally am not so much into UFOs and the theories and things, but as stated in the title, he's got the most documented extraterrestrial contact story in the world.

Romanek states very plainly for us that he didn't grow up thinking about aliens. In fact, he scoffed at the idea of there being any sort of lifeforms outside of our own. All this began to change when he started seeing unexplainable air crafts drifting across the Nebraska skies. He had been video recording the breath-taking scenery to get his potential girlfriend to visit when something remarkable happened. After this event, it let Romanek down a road that many of us couldn't imagine in our wildest dreams. He and his family eventually anticipated bizarre happenings to occur. As does the reader. Just when you get used to the endless pattern of his sightings-abduction-regression-contact from people who are trying to stop him from talking about aliens-he hits us with the most fascinating information about his contact with other planets. Even if you are the most skeptical reader, you might want to check it out. It has about 44 chapters of 4-7 pages each so it flies by. And the language isn't difficult to understand (minus a few complex physics equations re: intergalaxy travel that haven't been discovered yet!)

This book is filled to the brim with abductions, equations, sightings and there are even pictures to go along with it. Whether or not these pictures appear to be real will be left to you to decide (haha, now I'm sounding like him!)

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  1. Hopping by from the Blogger Hop. This sounds like a very interesting read. I have always wondered what "UFO people" are like. You figure if it's something that's happened to more than 5 people there might be a small grain of truth to some it, right? Thanks for the review.


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