Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iBook, Kindle, Digital Books, Half.com: The Best Way To Buy Summer Reads [Article]

I subscribed to LearnVest's Daily newsletter a few months ago and I received this informative article for Frugalistas (like many of us might be now a days) to maintain their book habits on a budget. Namely during the summertime, the time where many people have a lot more time on their hands to read.


Personally, the bulk of books that I get to read are from the library. I tend to take out way too many and accrue a load of fines. They really tend to add up! Lately I've been visiting the deeply discounted section in Barnes and Noble or Borders. If I see something of note for a mere 3 dollars, I'll pick it up!

I also read through some of the comments on the site. Many people didn't like their idea about getting books from Half.com since it would leave already struggling authors with even less money.
How do you guys go about getting books to read?

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