Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Review: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

OH GOSH did I love this book.

I was walking through the library the other day looking for an interesting read. Earlier this summer I read "The Stranger" which was far too heavy for hot weather. Under the Summer Reading section, I found this charming book. In short, it's about a family who lives in an enchanted home with a magic garden. In the garden is an apple tree whose apples, when eaten, show a major event in your life.

That's basically what you find out right away, but what you discover as you read is a sort of fantastic coming of age tale about the wayward people in a southern town. It shows them as normal people who inherted a not-so-normal gift and is told as though practical magic is a normal part of life. The idea is very reminiscent of the tone Gaiman uses in "Anansi Boys". It was such a great change from the books I normally read and I will definitely read her new book "Sugar Queen" soon.

Anyway, if you enjoy a not too heavy read with a drop of romance and a lot of practical magic, you should definitely read this one!

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